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Coming soon
The next Dallas Underwater Photographic Society meeting will be November 15th. Please contact us at for details.

New Inovations
We are currently working on a way to increase the flash sync time of Canon and Nikon Digital SLR cameras. We have already accomplished flash sync times of up to 1/2000th of a second with a Nikon D200.

Karate News
December 11 & 12th are the dates for the AOK State Championships in Austin, TX. Go to for details.

Keyword News
We have just created a fantastic Marine Life Keyword set for adding common names of marine life, as well as scientific names, to images in Aperture and Lightroom.  Be sure and check the links on our home page, or go to

Now for wildlife photographers, we have the "Birds of the World" and "North American Birds" keyword lists.

Go to for more details.