The Three Photographic Truths of The 21st Century:
1) The use of metadata will be the key to finding images in a timely manner.
2) Applying metadata is often a boring, repetitive, time consuming task that keeps users from doing the things one really wants and needs to be doing.
3) The MarineLife Keyword List will save lots and lots and lots of time.

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Do you question if you will ever use a keyword? If you have been used the internet, you have either used or taken advantage of, keywords.
Keywords are the metadata tags every web programmer adds to their webpage coding so that web browsers and more importantly you, can find their web page and/or product.
What are keywords?
Keywords are words added to the metadata of an image or webpage to aid a searcher in finding information. For our purposes, we are adding keywords to images to make certain images easier to find. If every web programmer and search engine in the world thinks keywords are a good idea for finding things, why should you not take advantage of the same concept? Wouldn’t you like to search for queen angelfish, Al and Cozumel and be able to see every image of a queen angelfish taken in Cozumel with Al in the same image?
By searching images using keywords and captions, one would never have to search every picture shot during multiple trips to Cozumel or possibly have to look through every image of an angelfish taken anywhere in the world.
Stock agencies require keywords so the agency and customers can search their massive database of images, so why not prepare your images in case some day you want to sell to such an agency?
Genealogical studies can also use keywords and captions. Relatives in 100 years will know who is in the picture and what the picture represents since keywords and captions were included in the database of photos.

Captions are extremely important in metadata as the caption describes the image in detail. One looking for a particular image will know exactly what the selected image depicts and who is in the image. Images can have multiple keywords attached, which will make finding the desired images easier to find, which is the power of the MarineLife Keyword List. Every marine species is searchable by not only its species name and common name/s, but its full taxonomic structure. When the MarineLife Keyword List is used to attach keywords to an image, there can be as many as 10 keywords immediately assigned to the image, allowing the image to be found by more people using different criteria for their search. Marty Snyderman and Barry Guimbellot have researched marine life all over the world to come up with the MarineLife Keyword List which lists the genus and species of over 4000 fish, 4000 invertebrates, all marine turtles, rays, skates, sharks, marine reptiles and marine mammals.
They have taken the hard work of keywording images out of your hands to make keywording a joy. Purchase one of their regional lists or the Professional World List today to find out how easy keywording can become.